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Where Is Your Focus When It Comes to Parenting?

Life and parenting are like a camera. You focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if things don't work out, take another shot.

When taking pictures, we focus our camera on the subject we want to capture in the picture. And in our parenting practice, it is important to focus our attention on the desirable, acceptable, respectful, kind, loving, helpful behaviors we want to develop and see more of in our children.

So focus your attention on the behaviors you want to see more of, and then zoom in because “what we focus on, we get more of.”

And for those times when the subject is blurry or unattractive, take a deep breath and adjust your focus. Control what you can control, your focus and perspective.

Also, when telling your child something to do, speak in a way that a camera could capture it.

Give details and speak assertively and clearly. For example, if you told your child to be nice, a camera couldn’t capture “nice” and your child wouldn’t necessarily understand exactly what you wanted or expected him to do. Instead, if you said keep your hands in your lap or “lock it or pocket” your camera could capture the picture and your child would understand what was expected.

Smile and say cheese!



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