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Intentional Ideas for Positive Parenting in 2020

Hindsight may be 20/20 but intentionally choosing to focus on what we want more of in 2020

is a powerful vision. Inspire new actions and encourage new behaviors with this list of ideas that will guide you to happiness in the new decade.

What do you want to see more of or less of in 2020?

1. Fear less, love more

2. Frown less, smile more

3. Criticize less, encourage more

4. Screen time less, face-to-face time more

5. Negative thinking less, positive thinking more

6. Listen to reply less, listen to understand more

7. Sit less, play more

8. Be distracted less, be focused more

9. Threaten less, offer choices more

10. Punish less, discipline more

11. Yell less, whisper more

12. Time-out less, time-in more

13. Control others less, control self more

14. Social media less, real time more

15. Speak less, listen more

16. React less, respond more

17. State a You-message less, state an I- message more

18. Shame feelings less, validate feelings more

19. Be inside less, play outside more

20. Hurry less, be present more



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