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Turn Sibling Rivalry to Siblings Without Rivalry

Siblings WITHOUT rivalry

Stop! She hit me! No, I did not! She took my toy!! MOM!!!

Sharing toys, taking turns, sharing parent’s love and attention may create unpleasant feelings in our children. Listening and watching our children express those emotions may cause uncomfortable feelings in us. How you choose to respond can decrease or increase the rivalry.

Reduce rivalry and help your children enjoy each other’s company.

· Parenting calls us to listen and honor our children’s upset feelings toward their siblings.

· Parenting calls us to teach calming techniques and problem solving skills. Conflict is normal and it’s an opportunity to teach needed and necessary life skills.

· Parenting calls us to treat children unequally and uniquely. We need to meet each child’s individual needs.

· Parenting calls us to recognize differences and deal with each of children as individuals.

· Parenting calls us to teach perspective taking by modeling listening to each child’s point of view, and help them learn to do the same.

· Parenting calls us to accept each child’s uniqueness and not compare them with their siblings. Comparing is a no, no and causes rivalry.

· Parenting calls us to teach our children how to express their negative feelings toward their siblings without damaging each other.

· Parenting calls us to model empathy rather than picking winners and losers.

· Parenting calls us to spend quality, unhurried time with our children. One-on-One time is the number one way to reduce sibling rivalry. Children want to feel there is enough love to go around.

Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish is a fabulous book. Want some personalized advice? Schedule a two hour siblings without rivalry class with me!! If you’re interested, email or call 910-262-3211 for information.



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