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Your New Year's Resolution: Set Your Parenting Intention With Ideas From A to Z

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

As you count down to 2020, may this list from A to Z be helpful when choosing where to focus your energy.

Choose a intention letter that embodies how you want to approach this New Year. Let the statement guide you and help you embrace what you want to see more of in the upcoming decade. By setting an intention, you will allow yourself to thrive in 2020!

Aware of my body I breathe in, calming my body I breathe out

Be present

Connection cultivates cooperation, trust and love

Discipline yourself first, child second


Focus your attention on the things you value

Give what you want to receive more of

HALT Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Meet child’s basic needs.

I love you! How and when does your child feel loved?

Just lean in and listen

Kid around, have fun and play

Listen to understand rather than listening to reply

Make time for one-on-one time

Notice positive attributes

Oops…say oops, we all make mistakes

Practice what you preach

Question or a Statement? Which is needed for you to communicate clearly?

Respond from principles rather than react from emotions

See things from your child’s point of view

Take time for wonderful you!

Upset is an inside job, push pause and breathe through it

Validate your feelings and your child’s

Water what you want to grow

X-tra time to make transitions. Five minute warnings are quite helpful

You are enough! Speak positive affirmations to yourself

Zealously love self and others

Need guidance picking a letter? I am here to help you along your parenting journey. Let me know by scheduling some time on my calendar. I have a feeling that this will be your best year yet!





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