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How Parents Can Remember That Love is a Verb

What are some of your most favorite ways to show love to your children?

Is it when you’re hugging or kissing them before bed? Is it when you’re cooking them dinner and sitting around the table connecting? Is it when you’re giving them a bath or reading them a book? Is it when you’re driving them around town talking with them? Is it when you pack their school lunch? Is it when you rub backs or kiss boo boos?

How do you love showing love?

But what about when you might not be feeling loving, maybe you are feeling mad or resentful. Bravely choose love anyway.

Tell yourself that your child isn’t your enemy. You may not feel like it but choose love. Put on the lens of love. Regardless of how your child is acting or reacting, choose love.

Remember “Q-TIP” Quit Taking It Personally.

Your child’s behavior is a reflection on him. Your reaction to his behavior is a reflection on you.

When your beloved child is upset, and acting unloving, remember that love is a verb.

Choose to pause and breathe.

Choose to give yourself some space.

Choose to let go let go of any fearful thoughts.

Choose to see your child through the lens of love.

Choose to see things from your child’s perspective.

Choose to look deeply into your beautiful beloved child’s eyes.

Choose to offer empathy to your upset child.

Choose to show unconditional love so that your child is able to move out of “flight or fight” and into your loving safe arms.

Love never fails.



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