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New Year, New Chance to Improve Your Parenting Intentions

Happy New Year! May this list from A to Z be helpful as you think about, and decide on your 2019 parenting intentions

Acknowledge that parenting is hard. Be patient with yourself

Be present  

Connection. Build emotional connections

Discipline, set healthy boundaries


Focus your attention on what you value

Give choices within your parenting box that empower your child

Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Meet child’s basic needs

I messages. Express yourself respectfully

Just lean in and listen

Kid around, have fun and play more with your child

Listen to understand rather than listening to reply

Move away from phone and toward child for one-on-one time

Notice positive attributes about your child rather than negative ones

Oops…we all make mistakes. There’s no perfect parent or child

Pause and breathe when triggered

Question or a Statement? Which one is needed to clearly communicate?

Respectful. How do I model respectfulness?

See things from child’s point of view

Take time for wonderful you!

Upset is an inside job, push pause and breathe through difficult emotions

Validate feelings

Water what you want to grow in your relationship

X-tra time to make transitions. Leaving home or a fun place can be difficult.

You are enough! Speak positive affirmations to yourself!

Zealously love yourself and others

Pause and Breathe,

Gail Richardson

The Parenting Coach



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