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Gail's Guide to Respect

Aretha Franklin’s song, “Respect” makes me smile every time I hear it because of vivid memories being entertained by my daughter and son as they danced in their costumes while singing their hearts out.

R E S P E C T… sing with me…

On a serious note, the following are a few ways, we the leaders of our homes, could add a little R E S P E C T and love one another.


· Say please and thank you. They really are the magic words. Using these words in our homes, schools, and neighborhoods would help make our world a kinder and more pleasant place to live. Develop a heart of gratitude.

· Speak to people, greet people, and introduce people. Wave, say hello. Look them in the eyes. Slow down and treat people respectfully.

· Be quiet and listen when someone else is talking. Seek to understand what someone’s saying rather than seeking a turn to talk. Listen to people the way you want to be listened to, or listen to your children the way you wish you had been listened to when you were a child.

· Be respectful and see things from another person’s point of view.

· When talking on the phone about private matters find a private spot and talk quietly. Be respectful and let people have their peace and quiet when they’re in public. When talking to your family face-to-face, be respectful and put your phone away.

· When you mess up, clean up. Be respectful to others and be respectful to the Earth. Littering is disrespectful.

· Hold the door open for people, especially if they’re older or if they have their hands full. Be respectful and offer to be helpful.

· When rooting for your team or your child’s team, cheer, clap, and be enthusiastic! Also, be respectful to the other teams, coaches and referees.



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