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How Parents Can Use Elf On The Shelf for Positive Reinforcement

Has your elf on the shelf arrived? Is she being mischievous?

What’s your elf’s job?

What the elf’s purpose?

Consider having a thoughtful, kind, loving elf who focuses her or his attention on spotting kindness, loving deeds and helpfulness.

Help your elf see the best in your children by seeing the best in your children.

When the elf notices, or waters the best in your children, those traits or behaviors will grow.

Elf, adjust your lens!

Remember these parenting best practices....

1. What we water grows

2. What we focus on, we get more of.

Maybe your elf could write notes to your children telling them the wonderful things he’s noticing.

A Letter from Your Elf On The Shelf

Dear Sweet Child,

You did it! You put your toys in the basket. That was so helpful.

You are so responsible.


The Elf

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