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ABOUT The Parenting COach

Gail is Passionate About Teaching Parenting Solutions That Work!

When parents feel worried or overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, they are not alone.

As a coach, Gail teaches practical tools which empower parents to become the leaders their children want to follow.  
She completed her BA in Early Childhood Education from Meredith College and enhanced her knowledge with a Master’s Degree from UNC-Wilmington. 


Training received from Conscious Discipline, Scream-Free Parenting, Systematic Teaching of Effective Parents, Touchpoints and Gestalt Therapy have expanded her depth of knowledge and understanding of building relationships.
In addition to her formal education, teaching school, summer camps and Sunday School, serving as the director of Children’s Ministry, reading countless books, and acquiring life experiences as a mom have all contributed to develop her skills as a coach.
Gail and her husband live in Wilmington with their dog Gracie.

  • BA in Early Childhood Education from Meredith College

  • Master’s Degree from UNC-Wilmington

  • 10+ Years as a Teacher

  • Current Director of Children's Ministry

  • Conscious Discipline

  • Scream-Free Parenting

  • Systematic Teaching of Effective Parents

  • Gestalt Therapy

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